Granite is an igneous rock made from molten magma or lava which later cools down and turns into solid stone. Granites are found in various colors differing on the basis of different proportions of minerals. Granites are easy to identify as the particles in these rocks are comparatively large and can be seen with the naked eye. Granite is richly composed of mainly quartz and feldspar with minor quantities of mica, amphiboles and some other minerals. The mineral composition is responsible for the color of granite rocks namely; pink, grey, red or white. The red to pink granites are abundant in feldspar while white granites are due to the high amounts of quartz. Similarly, black granites are predominant in the amount of biotite or hornblende. Other than these, there are also other numerous minerals in various quantities found in granite rocks.

Granite is also the most common igneous rock found on Earth used for numerous purposes. Granite is widely preferred for various internal and external applications although a little hesitantly due to its high price but there is absolutely no comparison for the stunning look this natural stone can give to an otherwise dull interior.

Uses of Granite

Granite is an excellent choice for many purposes due to its hard structure, strength, ability to bear significant amount of weight and abrasion, and brilliant polish. Due to its beautiful grain like appearance, granite is a popular choice for building constructions, bridges, pavements and flooring. Other than that, polished granites are commonly used for countertops, floor tiles, staircases and other decorative purposes.

Due to the high resistance and durability of granite, these are also taken in use for monument material in place of marble as acid rain deteriorates the quality of marble significantly. Granite is also used as aggregate or crushed stone in place of base material for building construction sites, roads, foundations and so on.

Of many qualities of granite, it is also stain proof, water and fire resistant, scratch proof with anti-bacterial characteristics making it an ideal choice for interior decoration. Its high affinity to polish gives it a lustrous appearance as well to go with the rest of the flooring and walls.

Granite is a great choice when you need long lasting color, quality, attractive appearance and low maintenance. Due to its ingredients, granite is the hardest natural stone known to mankind after certain gemstones which makes it nearly indestructible. It is also an ideal choice for flooring purposes that face high traffic because of its unusual strength. Although favored amongst commercial and industrial building purposes, granite is still most highly preferred for countertops, interior decoration pieces and so on for its beautiful natural designs and patterns. Its bacteria resistant qualities also make it a favorite amidst medical and healthcare establishments.

With numerous types and colors of granite available, you can also have the liberty to choose from types of surface finish to make your granite look the best. The most common type is that of polished finish done on kitchen countertops which is achieved by a long process of polishing with diamond pads. The end product is of a highly lustrous stone slab that looks as though it has been given a shiny upper coat. Some other textures applied are flaming, sandblasting, bush-hammering and so on that are done on slabs for exterior purposes where a rough edge can be complied with. Some other less known types are honed and matte honed granites.

Granites are quarried mostly from the North Western areas of India, especially areas of Rajasthan. Other than that, granite mines are also abundantly located in the Southern States of India namely, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. With almost every color available in this stunning stone, you have myriad options to choose your granite from in your preferred thickness and size.